5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

Monday, October 11, 2010

People, Connections and 30 Years of CROP Walking in Red Bank to End Hunger!

As we count down the last week to the 30th Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk, I hope our blog and Facebook Page have helped to spread the word about what CROP Walks are and how the funds we raise help our local and global partners to “End Hunger”.

"We Walk Because They Walk". Millions of people around the world are forced to walk miles each day just to maintain basic survival. They walk for food, water, fuel and to get to school and jobs. We walk in solidarity with them. We walk to raise funds to end hunger.

Last winter, Janie and I attended a workshop,” Social Networking for Non-Profits”. The seed was planted. In the spring I contacted someone I knew to be passionate about “feet and people”. Hal Ornstein, MD (Affiliated Foot and Ankle). He suggested we meet his community relations manager, Chad Schwarz. We did and Chad enthusiastically connected us to their web designer, Bryan Farris, leading us further down the down the road into on line social networking. Our Blog is linked to our new Facebook Page so we can share information with our committee members, recruiters, sponsors, and walkers. Thank you to Hal, Chad & Bryan!

While “face to face” communication is not replaceable, the blog and Facebook present additional avenues of connecting to people. Red Bank CROP Walk hopes to go over the 2 million dollar mark this year for the funds raised over the 30 year history of the walk. These funds enable our partners to make life a little easier and to give hope to our hungry neighbors where ever they live.

30 years! What an accomplishment! The dedication of our walk coordinator, Janie Schildge, her committee members, volunteers, sponsors and all the thousands of walkers over the 30 years is truly amazing.  Red Bank CROP Walkers come out year after year in gratitude for all that we have and with a sincere desire to share with those less fortunate.Our walkers come from all different faiths, private and public schools and independent community groups. 30 years ago people came to walk. They brought their kids. The kids grew up. They had kids and now they’re teaching the next generation “to care”. CROP is truly a multigenerational family event!

In their skit this year, Ruby Slippers for Red Bank CROP Walk, our teens talked about having the heart, the brains and the courage to take a stand against hunger and poverty in our world.

The yellow brick road leads to the Emerald City but the roads we walk through Little Silver, Fair Haven and Red Bank lead to a world where there is "Enough for All".
See you next Sunday!  Janis Iwanyk

Photos taken at Dr. Ornstein’s office in Howell


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