5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Photo Op for CROP Sponsored by Red Bank Regional High School Key Club



Last year Red Bank Regional High School's Key Club joined in our efforts to make our Walk Day a fun family, multi-generational day of community service by sponsoring our first PHOTO OP for CROP. Plans are underway for a new banner this year where schools, congregations, community groups and families can  gather to have a photo taken to commemorate their participation and support the mission of CROP. 

"We Walk Because They Walk" is a Church World Service slogan that speaks to our walking with the millions of people around the world that walk for food, water and basic survival. On posters and many recruiting materials you'll see the slogan "Ending Hunger One Step at a Time" These are used by CROP hunger walks all over the country. Red Bank CROP Walk is one of the top 5 hunger walks in the United States. We have our own "local" theme thanks to Kara Romanetz our volunteer graphic designer. Red Bank CROP Walkers say "Walk Walk with Heart & Sole to End Hunger".

Please look for the PHOTO OP for CROP after you've gone through the registration line on the day of the walk. Show your colors! Wear your CROP tee shirts, CROP hats, school tee shirts,church tee shirts, community tee shirts. Get your whole team to stand up and smile for all the camera! 

CROP tee shirts, caps and wristbands will be available for sale at the walk and photos will be posted online after the walk through the link to Facebook on our website. Your group PHOTO OP pictures would make great thank you notes to send to your walk sponsors.

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