5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rumson Country Day Delivers Its Largest Contribution to Our Annual Food Collection

Rumson Country Day delivers food to the volunteer team from CBA.

Jane Denny, RCDS Headmaster Chad Small, and Walk Coordinator Janie Schildge

Tim Hall, Peter Heckler '12, Henry Miller '11, Kevin Nicholas, and Elias Economou '16
Tim, a previous faculty member is currently working on a graduate degree in administration.  Kevin, is a current faculty member and runs the RCDS running club. Thanks guys for supporting CROP! We hope you had a great day. We hope to see you back again next year on Oct. 21, 2012.
The ribbon was cut, the crowd took off and the runners disappeared across Ridge Road and on through Fair Haven, Red Bank, and Little Silver.  40 minutes later over 10 had crossed the finish line at Red Bank Regional HS, completing the 5 mile route of CROP Walk 2011.   Of the top ten, half were from Rumson Country Day School - staff and students.  Missing this year was Headmaster Chad Small,  due to a sprained ankle.   But usually he leads the pack, and this school has been part of CROP Walk for 25 years, thanks to the efforts of Jane Denny, Community Service Director at RCDS.  So in bright sunshine on Sunday, Oct. 16th about 11 am, four vans rolled up in front of Red Bank Regional and the volunteer crew from CBA went to work unloading lots of boxes.   How do we know?   We watched it all pile up on the blue tarp, and it just kept coming.   This year's delivery was the biggest yet, and went a long way to making our collection successfully go over last year's 11,000 pounds.   The school uses the food collection as a math project, challenging the classes to figure the amount in kilograms as well as pounds.  RCDS has been a leading school in our Red Bank Crop Walk for 25 years, starting in 1986, and students, staff, and parents turn out to walk, raise funds, and bring in the largest amount of food.  

In addition, back at the school on Bellevue Avenue in Rumson, all the computer imputing is done by a dedicated group of volunteers, headed up by Jeff Garside, head of the Science Department. Cheryl, his wife, and son Chris are there every year.   The last two years they hosted the computer volunteers in their home, as the school was undergoing renovations, but now they have spacious new space for this annual commitment to Crop Walk.   

We appreciate the school efforts for this quarter of a century.   Rumson Country Day School puts its heart and sole into making sure there is ENOUGH for ALL.    Thank you RCDS, for caring and sharing!  

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