5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

Friday, October 7, 2011

With the Strength of Your Heart & the Soles of Your Feet You Will Make a Difference and People Will Eat

CHALLENGE:  Get your CROP Walk Team to memorize this rhyme. We'll have someone video tape it at the walk. Your group may get theirs posted on Red Bank CROP Walk's You Tube Channel.  You could video tape it yourself before the walk and send us the video. You can see our teen leadership committee perform it at our recent Kick Off Rally. Here We;ll be set up near the Photo Op for CROP Sponsored by Red Bank Regional HS.

          CROP Walk Rhyme on Ending Hunger 
                   Inspired by Dr. Seuss "Theodor Seuss Geisel"

               Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Foot, Right                           
               2000 Generous Feet – What a Sight!                              
               On Top of the Sidewalk and Out in the Street               
               We’re Walking in Rain and We’re Walking in Heat.       

               Strong Feet, Lame Feet, Crooked and Bare Feet           
               You Never can tell just Who You Will Meet.                    
               If You’ve Got Heart and Soles that Care                       
               You Can Walk to Help Those Whose Feet are Bare.       

               Big Feet, Small Feet, Young Feet, Old Feet                 
               And Would You Believe it? We even have Teen Feet!     
               My Feet, Your Feet, Together We Come                        
               Fighting World Hunger Together as One.                     

               Feet Come with Peanut Butter, Rice and Beans         
               And Bringing Family and Friends by all Means.          
               The CROP Walk sure is Doing it Right                           
               Fighting Hunger with All of Our Might!                         

               2000 Feet Standing Poised at the Start                               
               Hundreds Who Know, Caring Comes from the Heart  
               Hand in Hand, They Lend Us their Feet                         
               Their Hearts and their Soles to Help People Eat           

               Ten Feet, Twenty Feet, 100 Feet More                       
               At the End of 5 Miles, Your Legs Might be Sore            
               But with the Strength of Your Heart and the Soles of Your Feet  
               You Will Make a Difference AND People Will Eat!     

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