5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

High School Teen Leaders Meet With Ideas to Increase Participation in 33rd CROP Hunger Walk

Pictured is a group of high school teens from our Red Bank CROP Walk Teen Leadership Committee. Our teen committee is  usually comprised of two students from each of the area Monmouth County high schools (public and private) After meeting recently to work on ideas and projects for our 2013 hunger walk; they stepped outside to get a little fresh air and have a little fun. They know from working on the committee that hunger is not a game but they came up with a fun way to talk about the financial struggles people have right here in Monmouth County. They understand that hunger doesn't discriminate. It can affect your neighbors here and in communities around the world.  

Our 17 Local Partners tell us about the ever increasing difficulty that people are having trying to juggle the financial demands for: housing, utilities, food, clothing, healthcare, and transportation. The teens put stickers on the red balls representing these items and tossed the ball around trying not to drop the ball. Dropping the ball in real life can mean a loss of housing or increased food insecurity. A loss of employment can cause a ripple affect impacting all of these areas. Super Storm Sandy had a major impact on housing and jobs in our county. Click too view the video of our teens trying to keep the balls in the air. Red Bank CROP Walk YouTube Channel.

Our 17 Local Partners work to help people find ways to meet these needs.  You can learn more about our partners on the Local Partners Tab of this website. You can also click to view a our Local Partners Information document.

Some of the services they provide to their clients are:
Food Pantries   
 Hot Meal Programs: weekday & weekends
Lunch Box Programs
Clothing Distribution & Thrift Shops
Temporary Housing:Women, Children & Families
Help with Finding Affordable Housing
Employment Counseling & Job Search Assistance
Suit for Success Program
Healthcare & Medical Needs
Daycare Programs
Social Support Groups
Ministry Support Groups
Summer Enrichment Program for Children

Our teens are also working on a skit for our Annual Kick Off Rally which will be held this year on Monday Sept. 9th at the First Baptist Church of Red Bank.  Make sure you have a representative at the rally to pick up signs, materials and sponsor forms!

There is Enough for All. It's in our hands to use our hearts & soles to make it work!

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