5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk & Church World Service

Church World Service began its work in 1946 in the aftermath of World War II. At that time seventeen Christian denominations joined forces in an effort to do more together than they thought they could accomplish individually. Their mission: " feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, comfort the aged and shelter the homeless." Their work has grown over the past 68 years, expanding and reaching further in providing help and hope in the United States and in 180 countries around the world. Read more about the history of CWS here.

"CROP Hunger Walks are the original charity walking events in the United States." They are the community hunger appeal of CWS to support its work. The Red Bank Area CROP Walk is one of 1,400 CROP Hunger Walks in the United States. Our walk is consistently in the top 10 and is the top hunger walk in the NY/NJ Metro Region. Our nearly 1,000 walkers are part of the 145,000 walkers that join together across the US to walk to end hunger. You can read more on our walk history here.

CWS is passionate about ensuring access to proper nutritious food, with support to more than 2,200 local hunger fighting programs across the United States. Our Red Bank walk helps to support 17 local partner programs here in Monmouth County NJ. Our local partners are in the process of applying to be recipients of the proceeds from our 2014 scheduled for Sunday Oct. 19th. They will be sharing with us in the next few weeks updated information on how their programs benefit families here in Monmouth County. 

For over 3 decades: committee members, volunteers, sponsors, and walkers from many community faith groups, schools and civic organizations have worked together to raise funds to help support a growing number of local partner programs. Since 2000 we have consistently raised over $100,000. In 2013 We raised over $106,500 and collected 14,000 lbs. of food, valued at about $15,000. We walk with "Heart & Sole" in Red Bank. Thank you to Kara Romanetz for your generosity in designing our amazing t-shirts! Our hunger walk donates 25% of funds raised to local partners and the collected food to food local programs and pantries. 75% of our donations help support the national and global programs of Church World Service. 

Church World Service is about more than ending hunger. You can read more about the work of CWS: hunger and malnutrition, emergencies, refugees, immigration, children, and water. You can read where CWS works: Africa, Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, Middle-East, and North America.

In the Red Bank CROP Walk we try to have a group do our Lug A Jug Brigade in solidarity with the people around the world that have to walk miles each day just to get safe drinking water. You can read more about how CWS works to help people to get access to sustainable sources of water here. They provide materials and education to help communities to build wells as seen in the photo below.

In the Nias Island village of Maoula, CWS/ACT has helped in the community construct a water system in the wake of the 2004 tsunami and the 2005 earthquake. Photo Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance. 

This is a CWS "Providing Clean Water"  it talks about women and water in Rural Kenya.

Our first planning meeting is coming up on May 5th. If you would be interested in participating or volunteering with CROP please contact us at redbankcropwalk@gmail.com

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