5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

5 Decades of Walking to End Hunger

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

2018 Banner Poster Contest

Last weekend we celebrated the beginning of Fall and the beginning of our 30 day count down to this year's 38th Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk. We think about the harvesting of the crops, which are so plentiful in America. We are so blessed that we can go to bed with a full stomach - but that cannot be said for all Americans - even in our own local communities. Our banner poster contest helps raise awareness and gives area students the chance to express their concerns about hunger in our world. 

Our theme this year is: "ENOUGH FOR ALL"

On the day of the students should bring art work by 1:00 during registration. The banners and posters will be  displayed on the glass wall outside Red Bank Regional High School. Younger students can create posters or simply draw on paper plates. Middle School and High School students may do posters. All age groups are welcome to join together to create a banner to display. Banners are no larger than 3x8 ft. 
Click to learn more: Banner Poster Guidelines

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