41st Red Bank CROP Walk * SUNDAY OCTOBER17th 2021

Starting Our 5th Decade of Walking to End Hunger

Starting Our 5th Decade of Walking to End Hunger
41st Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk


As the pandemic continues to threaten the health of our communities; we will again be modifying our annual CROP Hunger Walk. We are happy to announce that Red Bank Regional has approved a shorter, smaller gathering.

Sunday October 17th
Food Collection
Art Contest
Music from The Wag
Celebratory Lap Around RBRHS 2:00

The  celebratory lap around the high school will mark the beginning of a 5th decade of Red BAnk CROP Walkwalking to end hunger in the world.

Take photos and share on social media with the hashtag #redbankcropwalk2021

We've been stepping up to end hunger since 1981. We always walk the 3rd Sunday closest to World Food Day. Some of you may do smaller walks in your neighborhoods, at local county parks, or even around your school or church. This year you can again choose your own day to walk with your friends, make new friends, enjoy the walk knowing you are out there helping your neighbors in need to have a better life today and hope for the future! Walk any day, any time during the week before Oct. 17th but please show up on Sunday Oct. 17th for our CROP CELEBRATION.

Sara Swijter - Return unused materials, signs
    9 Dogwood Lane, Fair Haven, NJ 07704
 PH #732-758-9692
Email swijters@gmail.com

Walk Start
Choose your day, choose your start time. Take photos and let us know how far you walked. Did you run? Did you push the kids in strollers? Did your family do a CROP bike ride, or maybe a hike?

* Pack up food donations (jars of peanut butter, rice or beans in boxes/cans (no bags) and deliver to Red Bank Regional High School Sunday October 17th Look for the big tent 1:00-400


Due to the pandemic all participating individuals, families, schools, faith groups, civic groups must all register online. We encourage you to set up online fundraising teams. 
  * Wear a t-shirt from a previous walk
 * Wear church/school clothing with logos.
 * Carry church or school banners.
 * Carry CROP Walk signs, posters, banners.
 * Decorate strollers and wagons! 

 * Drop off food at Red Bank Regional 1:00
 * Peanut Butter, Rice, Beans, and nutritional soup
 * Boxes of rice 

We're having the Art Contest this year! Please submit artwork to Monica Faett at Red Bank Regional High School by 1:00

Practice safe social distancing and wear masks if your group has other people not in your family bubble or when interacting with the public and you are unaware of vaccination status. 

Hashtags  #redbankcropwalk2021
Any photos shared or taken by volunteer photographers  may be used 
to promote CROP Hunger Walks

You can also email special photos to: redbankcropwalk@gmail.com 

Donation are open through December 31st. After you have finished collecting all your pledged donations, return to your recruiter or 
mail to:
Red Bank CROP Walk
PO Box 8022
Red Bank NJ 07701

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