37th Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk Steps Up to the Start Line * Sunday, October 15, 2017

Our Steps Help to Set a Place at the Table for ALL

Our Steps Help to Set a Place at the Table for ALL


Red Bank CROP Walk had its first official hunger walk in 1981. In 1985, Janie Schildge became the walk coordinator and through her leadership over the past 31 years, the walk has grown!!! What started as a group of dozens of participants from 15 different faith groups has grown to about 850 participants and volunteers from 100 interfaith groups, schools & community organizations.

Pictured is a group of some of the many volunteer committee members at a 2016 summer meeting. The quilt on display shows many of the t-shirts over the years of CROP. They don't all get together at the same time but together but because of their shared dedication to the cause of ending hunger their efforts add up to the continued annual success of the Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk. Each member uses their skills and time to help complete all the many tasks required to run this hunger walk. It is a spectacular accomplishment sight to see interfaith groups from the area joining together with one shared common goal which has no boundaries. When we acknowledge the worlds hungry, we see the common grounds and beliefs upon which we all stand.

Recently at a leadership conference held in NYC, on behalf of the work of the committee, Janie accepted a plaque from Church World Service recognizing the success of Red Bank's CROP Walk. Red Bank is ranked #5 in the nation of nearly 1,300 hunger walks.
If you are interested in joining our committee please contact us at redbankcropwalk@gmail.com 

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