41st Red Bank CROP Walk * SUNDAY OCTOBER17th 2021

Starting Our 5th Decade of Walking to End Hunger

Starting Our 5th Decade of Walking to End Hunger
41st Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk


In 2020, a year of a global pandemic, our tee shirt sponsors took a giant leap with us as we worked to find ways to  continue the success of the walk's 40 years of successfull fundraising to help local and global programs fighting to end hunger. They've helped us to raise over $100,000 each year since the year 2000. 

Our 2020 GOAL was $110,000. The total amount raised last year was a whopping $137,000! 

Yes, you read that correctly. Our sponsors and all walk participants STEPPED UP with great enthusiasm to eargerly meet the challenge before them. Our local and global partners were desperate for assistance to sustain the needs of their clients; our hungry neighbors here and around the globe.

If you are interested in becoming a CROP Hunger Walk sponsor, click here to view/print:

We won't be selling tee shirts again this year with our sponsor names on the back. We're going to do as last year and place a month long AD in the Journal to thank our sponsors. 

Our teen leaders are making merchandise to sell to participants to help raise awareness of the continuing needs.
MERCHANDISE: caps, mugs, wine sacks, string back packs, small travel bags, tote bags, and aprons. 

Please check back for updated information for  purchasing these products. You can also follow our social media accounts:

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