36th Annual Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk Sunday October 16, 2016

We Walk on "World Food Day" this year!

We Walk on "World Food Day" this year!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Celebrating Continued Success - HIGH FIVE for 35 Years Walking to END HUNGER !

An end of winter gathering to thank our "Top Sponsors" and to honor our graduating teen leaders was held last week at the home of Janie Schildge our dedicated CROP Walk coordinator. She and her husband, George, invited a mix of guests which included some of our "Top Sponsors", coordinating committee members, and several of our teen leaders. What began with some good eating quickly turned into an evening of sharing the stories of the success of our 35th Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk in 2015 which raised $116,000 to help feed hungry neighbors here in NJ and in communities around the world.

Teresa Cintron, our Church World Service Community Engagement Specialist gave a presentation on the world wide refugee crisis and how we can help through Church World Service to welcome and resettle these families right here in New Jersey.  CWS opened a new office in Jersey City to welcome these 30 families and to provide assistance towards beginning their new lives in the United States. When you hear things like "Send them back home" Teresa showed a video that explains why they can't go back home. Due to extreme violence and conflict for many there is no home to return to.  video Drone footage of "Home" 1.45 mins. and this video on PBS shows Gwen Ifill interviewing a refugee family about their experience. It can take 4 years or longer before a family is able to come to the US. In the video, you can hear Mahmoud Mahmoud the director of the New Jersey office talk about the kind of assistance CWS provides to these families. Families receive welcome packs, phones, school supplies, seasonal clothing and gift cards. You can contact Teresa Cintron if you would like additional information (tcintron@cwsglobal.org)   Refugee video

During the evening, we recognized 4 of our 10 graduating teen leaders and thanked them for all the work they did to contribute to our efforts to feed the hungry. They shared their good memories of working with CROP which included learning about hunger, how CWS helps and the important part they have in planning, advocating in their schools, fundraising and walking! It was our teens that came up with the idea of "HIGH FIVE for 35 Years!" They encouraged their peers to donate 3 items of food and $5. Every donation makes a difference!
We welcomed to our CROP Coordinating Committee, Vicky Smith and Joe Lotito, who will be trained by the Eileen Betz and Sheila Alfano before they retire. Vicky and Joe will team up with Joan and Don Foote and the Christian Brothers students and staff to ensure the continued success of our Food Collection. Vicky is the daughter of our materials coordinator, Kim Smith. Thanks Kim for growing our CROP Family!

We thank all of you that helped to make this year's walk another success, bringing hope to those who feel lost and left behind in the world. We walk this year on World Food Day, Sunday October 16th.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Youth Groups, Young Adults & Sports Teams Added to Our Circle of Caring

Young adults in our CROP Walk come representing area schools, youth groups, clubs, and sports teams. They get the message. They understand the mission of CROP. They talk the walk up among their peers and then take action by collecting food and raising funds to support local and global partners. 

From our high school teen leaders that cut the ribbon at the start to college students from Brookdale Community College and Monmouth University, the range of student groups continues to grow! These photos are just a sampling of the many groups that participated in this year's 35th walk. If you have any group photos of high school and college teens please share!


Monday, November 23, 2015

A Time for Giving Thanks

As we approach Thanksgiving we would like
to share with you the prayer offered at the start
 of our 35th hunger walk by Pastor Dean Brown 
from Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Red Bank.
 This prayer is a call to action for us to be grateful
 for all that we have, and to remember those that
don't have the blessings that we enjoy.

"Lord God,
We come before you this day in so many ways.
We come before you remembering those whom it is easy to forget: those who are homeless, isolated, hungry, thirsty; those who walk five miles for a cup of water or spoonful of food.

We also come before you this day choosing not to forget.
We come before you, O God, giving thanks that Your compassionate Spirit has moved...does move...in this world and in these people's lives in so many ways:  through all the schools and faith communities gathered here in spirit and/or body; through the Red Bank CROP walk planning team and its leaders; through the generosity of so many people making it possible to be vessels of grace improving the lives of many both near and far.

Thank you for making them a blessing.
Thank you for renewing our hearts.

And thank you for giving us a new vision...a renewed vision...catching sight of your mission to serve all our neighbors in need. And in this service -in this act of devotion- we thank you for returning us to our true humanity; for discovering blessedness, holiness, purpose which is Your gift and Your life welling up within us and within Your world.

All this we pray in your most Holy name.

Thanks from all of us who work through the year on Crop Walk, because we can't do it without you.