40th Red Bank CROP Walk Sun. Oct.18th Walk anyday between Oct.11-18th

CROP Hunger Walk During A Pandemic

CROP Hunger Walk During A Pandemic
2020 New challenges & new choices - Small group and virtual walks

Friday, September 18, 2020

PARK and PICK UP CROP RALLY - Sept. 14th 2020

Park and Pick Up a new way to RALLY for CROP!  Thanks to the First Baptist Church of Red Bank for offering their tent in the parking lot for our PARK AND PICK UP of Team Captain packets and a few other items, including updated yard signs, posters, car window stickers, and some really nice face coverings to promote our 40th Anniversary Walk! Thanks so much to the church pastors and staff for allowing us to be there for 3 hours while folks arrived, parked and walked the arrows distanced. It was wonderful to see folks we have missed at gatherings this year. About 40 participating groups picked up sponsor envelopes and other walk materials. 

If you weren't able to attend you can contact the CROP Walk coordinator, Janie Schildge or Sara Swijter, the treasurer.  redbankcropwalk@gmail.com

We need a lot of you to make this walk a success, and we can do it!  We've done it every year for 40 years. You can't stop CROP this year when it's needed more than ever. Get started today, as it is free and easy to register, start a team or donate to one of our 60 plus teams online.   Make your first donation and share your message with all you know.  


We won’t be gathering at the start line this year at Red Bank Regional High School but we can all get an early start on fundraising.  2020 is presenting some extra challenges but we will rise to the need. Teams are planning their own food drives, and will count and report what they bring in, so by Sunday, Oct. 18th we will hopefully have a community wide count of food collectiions (Hunger No More with Four)  Suggested pantries are on a list available online, along with our 15 partner program.  Just contact and find out needs, and deliver!


So start now. Walk a mile a day, or 4 miles a day, or set a goal as some have for bigger achievements and get your sponsors. Thank you all for participating and thanks to our marvelous team of volunteers, sign makers, social media gurus, organizers, sales team, photographers, and more.   

CROP Walk Committee Volunteers Ready Materials for Park & Pick Up Rally

 Janie Schildge CROP Walk coordinator for over 35 years invited committee members to her home on Tuesday September 8th to assemble packets of materials for this year's 40th Anniversary Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk. Committee members organized sponsor envelopes, yard signs, CROP face masks, bandanas, neck gaters, posters, and educational materials. Work and fellowship made light of the work needed to be done before the Park & Pick Up Rally which was held at the First Baptist Church in Red Bank on Sept. 14th. 

Thank you to Dave Hermanson who created a poster to tape over our usual yard signs. There won't be a walk at Red Bank Regional High School this year. We'll all be walking in smaller, socially distanced groups and doing food collections to fill the shelves of Monmouth County food pantries. Most importantly, we'll be stepping up our efforts to raise funds online to meet this year's goals.

We always walk the third Sunday of October because it's the closest to World Food Day. We're hoping that our hundreds of walk participants will plan smaller walks during the week leading up to Sunday, Oct.18th. We encourage everyone to wear CROP tee shirts from previous walks, carry posters, bring your water, and do food collections for local pantries. Report to us what you're doing using the hashtag #redbankcropwalk2020


We already have sixty online teams and they've already raised over $20,000.


Friday, September 11, 2020


Our Rally this year will be safe and socially distanced.

Please plan to drive by the First Baptist Church in Red Bank  84 Maple Ave. Red Bank, NJ 07701. You'll be able to pick up sponsor envelopes, signs, masks, bandanas, and other walk materials. 

You receive information on how you can do a food collection to help us meet our 2020 goals to keep the shelves filled for two dozen Monmouth County Food Pantries. Our goal is for everyone to chip in and set up family and neighborhood, school, and faith group food collections and for us to total all donations to meet our 18,000 lbs. food collection goal.

Decorate a window on your car and show your support for ending hunger through CROP Hunger Walks. Show  us which group you're walking with. (school, church, community group, even your family name!)

First Baptist Church of Red Bank
Corner of Maple and Oakland


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Join Us in Raising Funds to End Hunger

Get started today! It's free and easy to register, start a team or join another team. Don't forget to make your first donation and share your team link with your network of family and friends.

We won't be gathering at the start line this year but we can all get an early start on fundraising. We've raised over $100,000 each year of the past 20 years. That's half of the years we've been walking to raise funds to end hunger.  2020 is presenting some extra challenges but we can rise to the need. We've already got close to fifty online teams.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020



Our goal is to have 75 teams registered for this year's 40th Anniversary Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk by Sunday night, Aug. 14th. 

If you don't have a Facebook account you can follow this link and go directly to our page on the Church World Service website to register and set up your team. 


If you have any trouble, there will be a Zoom link available for help on Sunday afternoon from 1:30-4:30. It will be hosted by our very own Teresa Cintron, our CWS regional coordinator.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

2020 Four Decades of Red Bank CROP Walk


Each year since 1981 a group of concerned folks has come together to plan an annual fund raising walk for our hungry neighbors.   Along the way a big food drive was added along with some caring teenagers  to work in schools and youth groups to meet the challenges of poverty and hunger.   With this strong CROP Walk foundation we have helped 15 local hunger fighting partners in Monmouth County and global partners worldwide through Church World Service Global.  

Now in 2020 we are commemorating our 40th year of walking in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and many areas of civil strife around the world.  And we are calling on hundreds of walkers, donors, and volunteers to help CWS in its response to hunger, poverty, displacement, and disaster in our world as we present an alternative way to showcase art, to raise funds through online teams, and to walk, in small groups probably, with masks, as we celebrate community. 
Through your energy, your creative ideas, your time, your talent, and your donations, we keep walking together to meet the challenges of persistent hunger.  Our vision is a world where everyone has food, voice, and a safe place to call home.
51 years ago the very first community crop walk was organized in North Dakota and $25,000 was raised.   Over the years we have seen great progress in reducing hunger through better farming methods, tools, stronger seeds, education, better sanitation, and clean water. 
In 2019 our Red Bank Walk helped by raising $106,000, and collecting and distributing 17,000 pounds of food staples for local pantries.
But Hunger persists - in large part due to the millions of displaced people who have fled their homes, jobs, and security in the face of great danger.  The pandemic has put millions of people out of work, have tested our hospital systems, and thousands have died.   Along with the pandemic we have seen hurricanes, cyclones, floods, and droughts.   Wherever and whenever, Crop walkers have made possible a CWS response with caring staff, cleaning kits, hygiene kits, blankets, trainers and counselors, all with love and concern.  
This is the story of our Crop Walkers as we respond right here in our local food pantries, day care centers, housing programs, and lunch programs.   With your help and enthusiasm to meet the challenge, we will keep on walking and invite others to join in with heart and sole to help us to end hunger.  Our goal is $110,000 and 18,000 pounds of food, including peanut butter, rice, beans, and soup.


Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Art Helps Us to Tell the Story of CROP Walk

Student artists from Trinity Hall HS and Red Bank Regional HS along with Red Bank Primary School Principal Mrs. Maria Iozzi and Vice-Principal Dena Russo are pictured with some of the artwork submitted to our 2019 CROP Walk Art Contest. Student artwork brings alive the theme of the walk each year. Our 2019 walk theme was "Stepping Up to End Hunger". 

Our 39th Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk showed the long term commitment that our communities hold to end hunger in the world. For the past 20 years we have raised over $100,000 annually to help support our local and global partners working to end hunger. We raised $106,000 this year and checks have gone out to our 15 local partner programs. 25% of all funds raised stays right here in Monmouth County. For more information on our local partner programs. 

75% of the funds raised help to support the national and global responses of Church World Service Global  as they help people to recover from natural disasters, rebuild lives of dignity when dealing with food insecurity, homelessness, and extreme poverty. 

Final walk certificates have been mailed to thank our sponsors, participating faith groups, schools, and community groups. We celebrate our walk in the rain last October, and are grateful for the continued success of our CROP Hunger Walk, named #6 in the United States.

Where did winter go? Spring is just around the corner and our committees will be starting up work for our 2020 walk.

40th Anniversary Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk
Please mark your calendars! 
Sunday October 18th 2020

Saturday, November 30, 2019

We Walk Because They Walk - We Live in Gratitude That We May Help

Our treasurer, Sara Swijter, reports that we have surpassed the $100,000 fundraising mark adding CROP Walk #39 to the streak we've created since the year 2000. Twenty years of raising over $100,000 in a row. We are truly grateful for everyone in our CROP Circle of Caring. This includes our committee members adults and teen leaders, our sponsors, our volunteers, participants from area faith groups and community organization, schools, and individuals who all believe that we can make a difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity and extreme poverty. Those we reach out to are in our own local communities and using the services of our 15 local partner programs or getting much needed food from the two dozen pantries that received food from our food collection. Many live in communities across our country, in other countries, and benefit from the work of programs through Church World Service Global.

We're getting closer everyday to matching last year's total of $104,000 and we hope with donations open through Dec. 31st that we'll beat that goal as we did our food collection goal which brought in 17,000 lbs. of food or our local pantries.

Please think of CROP this week for #GIVING TUESDAY. Just a donation of the price of one cup of coffee, or a soda will help if we all do it. Drink a glass of water instead and donate $5.00 

Friday, November 15, 2019

Preliminary Fundraising Reports Coming Soon

Our treasurer and her team have been working to tally and reconcile all donations made online, on the day of our 39th CROP Hunger Walk, and in the past three weeks. Online teams have surpassed previous years totals and participants have contributed over $33,000. Our current total is just under $97,000. We're so close to reaching $100,000. We've raised over $100,000 each year since 2000. So we can't stop. We can do it with your help. Please continue to collect all pledged donations and follow up with any friends that didn't get to walk because of the rain. 

Every donation no matter how small will help us to cross over the $100,000 milestone. Donations can be mailed to PO BOX 8022 Red Bank, NJ  07701 or can be made online. www.crophungerwalk.org/redbanknj/