34th Annual Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk

Save the Date: Sunday October 19, 2014
Registration: 1:00
Walk Start: 2:00

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CAN'T STOP *** WON'T STOP *** As long as there is hunger in the world there will be CROP Walks

CAN'T STOP *** WON'T STOP *** As long as there is hunger in the world there will be CROP Walks

Thursday, September 18, 2014

WATER STOP Sponsors Caring for Thirsty CROP Walkers

Local CROP Walk supporters sponsor six water stops during our annual five mile hunger walk. We appreciate their generosity of money and time! Our CROP walkers certainly appreciate the access to clean & safe water provided along the way. We walk in solidarity with people around the world that walk miles each day for water. We also would like to thank the many cheerful volunteers that set up and hand out the water to nearly 1,000 walkers!

The First Presbyterian Church at Tower Hill
John Limyanski of J & J Music
Rumson Presbyterian Church
Two River Times
United Methodist Church of Red Bank
Super Foodtown of Red Bank

Photo: Paul Jeffrey ACT Alliance
We walk in solidarity with people around the world
 who walk miles each day for access to water
 for their daily needs.
Photo: Wolfgang Schlosser
Photo: Wolfgang Schlosser
Photo: Dennis Swijter
Photo: Dennis Swijter

Photo: Janis Iwanyk

Did you know that one gallon of water weighed 8 lbs. ?
If you are interested in participating in a Lug A Jug Brigaid please contact us at redbankcropwalk@gmail.com

Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Top Corporate Sponsors Step Up Early

They don't sit on the fence! Our Top Corporate Sponsors show their Heart & Sole by stepping up early in the year to give financial support to our local Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk. They give us a foundation upon which to build and lead the way for all four levels of our T-Shirt sponsorship. THANK YOU!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Kick Off Rally Featured on WCROP TV Evening News

This past Monday evening we gathered for a rousing RALLY to kick off our 34th CROP Walk Season.  Student leaders from 17 area high schools took on the roles of anchors and field reporters for an evening news program skit. Students created posters, the logo and props as they told the story of how walking in a CROP Walk connects us with people in every corner in our country and around the world. In the words of our Church World Service Regional Director, Kae Kusterbeck, "WOW! The presentation by the teen group was exceptional. They told the story in their own words about how CROP Walks help. It was an inspiring evening." Reporters shared news from local and global locations about how funds raised through CROP Walks help Church World Service work with partners to eradicate hunger and poverty and help refugees to find shelter in times of need. 

We are grateful for the efforts of our ecumenical coordinating committee which works throughout the year in this inter-faith community event funding 17 local partners.  Recruiters came to pick up sponsor envelopes and educational materials as well as  T-Shirts, caps and wristbands. All materials are available either through the Resource Materials Page of our website or by contacting Kim Smith our Materials Coordinator.

All ages attended the rally: Students from Oak Hill Academy, many local High Schools both private and public, and a student leader from Brookdale Community College, Representatives from Faith Groups, our Local Partners and Sponsors. 


Here's to seeing you on Sunday October 19th as we walk at Red Bank Regional HS to change the world and end hunger.