Church World Service began with 17 protestant denominations working together to help rebuild  Europe and feed hungry people after WWII. A year later in 1947 through CWS, Christian clergy and farmers in the US formed CROP (Christian Rural Overseas Program) as a way to send seed, grain, and livestock to war-torn Europe to help people to recover & rebuild their lives.


CROP WALK began on October 17th in Bismarck, North Dakota, raising-$25,000 with 1,000 people walking 25 miles!


The first CROP event in the Red Bank area was a small band of people, organized by Rev. David Muyskens, Shrewsbury Presbyterian pastor, who cleaned up the beach and raised over $3000. In 1980 they held a volleyball-athon.


First Red Bank CROP WALK was organized by Sarah and Len Dunikowski from Tower Hill Presbyterian Church. 15 churches participated, raising $6,127.

1982 CROP grew 19 churches participated.  25% of funds went to 4 local hunger-fighting agencies.   Rick Weaver led the Coordinating Committee from 1983 to 1984.


Janie Schildge takes on the charge of CROP WALK Coordinator.  2010 will be her 25th year! In the next few years, schools started participating.  Rumson Country Day School and Christian Brothers Academy were early leaders.


Sister Donna D'Alia, Church of the Nativity, gathers our first teen committee together.   Red Bank Walk celebrated 10 years of bringing communities together to walk to fight hunger. 


Our walk was dedicated to Sarah Dunikowski, former Crop Coordinator and Music Teacher at Forrestdale School in Rumson, who died of leukemia in 1990.


The two youngest walkers at age 5, Halyley Glossbrenner and Katie Day cut the start ribbon and were recognized by CWS for completing the walk.


20th Red Bank CROP WALK raised over $100,000 in this 20th Walk!  Church World Service updates  C.R.O.P. to a more inclusive description of efforts to fight hunger in our world  -  Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty.


Mrs. Chun, 94 years old, from South Korea, cut our START Ribbon as the oldest walker.


25 years of walking for 15 local partner programs and global partners in 80 countries.  Original participating churches and schools were honored.  The Varley family spearheads the food collection, and invites CBA boys to help sort, count, and carry food for the pantries.


Over $141,000 was raised to feed the hungry in Monmouth County and around the world! Over 3 1/2 tons of food was collected, and this walk was a RECORD HIGH in all stats! 50 schools and independent groups participated. Top fundraiser Red Bank Catholic HS cut the ribbon.


The 28th Walk had over 1300 walkers and raised $126,000 in an economic slowdown.  Red Bank CROP WALK was recognized among the top 5 walks and the largest volunteer-run/walk nationwide. DJ John Limyansky cheers walkers! 75 churches participated. 


2/3 of our usual walkers and runners braved cold and rainy weather for the first time in 29 years of the Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk. Despite the economic gloom, spirits were high as walkers donated 6,700 pounds of food for local pantries and raised $111,000.


Red Bank CROP WALK celebrated its 30th Anniversary on, Oct. 17, 2010. 11, 000 lbs of food was collected...a record. Despite a poor economy, the walk raised $120,000. up from 2009  With the dedication of all our volunteers, we have raised over 2 million dollars in the walk's 30-year history. CWS through its global partners provided assistance to the people affected by the earthquake in Haiti. There is Enough for All.


CROP Walk #31 began our 4th decade of walking to End Hunger on World Food Day, Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011. Our walk this year was dedicated to the Memory of Sue Glossbrenner our materials coordinator and valued CROP volunteer committee member for over 30 years. Sue's dedication to CROP greatly contributed to its growth and success.


CROP Walk #32 continued our 4th decade of walking to raise funds to end hunger. Donations totaled over $114,000 and we collected over 13,000 lbs of food for 20 local pantries one week before Super Storm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore. We witnessed the Church World Service response to our disaster and the relief they provided to our NY/NJ region. We walk to help CWS provide disaster relief nationally and internationally. This year we found ourselves on the receiving end. CWS was there for us.


CROP Walk #33 one year post-Super Storm Sandy, CBA bagpipers played as walkers stepped out to end hunger. Walkers raised $106,500 and donated over 2 tons of peanut butter,  rice, and beans valued at $15,000. food was distributed to 20 local food pantries. Our t-shirt design saw the addition of walkers walking around the heart & sole to signify that we walk for our 17 local partners and through CWS global partner programs, for those experiencing extreme poverty & hunger around the world. 


CROP Walk #34 broke yet another food drive record. 8 tons (16,000 lbs.) of food were collected for 20 local pantries. We're back on an upward trend with total funds of $110,000. Our funds help Church World Service to fight hunger and poverty while promoting peace and justice around the world. We had new volunteer groups and participating faith groups join us as we walked to change the world and end hunger. 


CROP Walk #35. We raised $116,000, up to $6,000 to help end hunger in communities here and around the world!  Nearly 100 faith groups, schools, civic groups,and individuals came together to give a resounding High Five to Ending Hunger with our 35th Hunger Walk. We learned more about the continued strife of refugees around the world and how Church World Service Global can help.


CROP Walk #36. We've raised over $100,000 each year since 2000. Red Bank CROP Walkers are committed to building a world where there is enough for all. The final total of funds raised is $113,000. to support local and global programs. Participants donated 13,000 lbs. of food staples for local pantries. CWS has been working for seven decades and we've supported their efforts since 1981. Save the date Oct. 15, 2017


CROP Walk #37. Our 18th-year raised over $100,000 which was greatly needed as local and global programs fought to respond to continued food insecurity and worked to help those affected by climate-induced natural disasters. We showed the film, "A Place at the Table", we had a new Penny Challenge Program at Red Bank Primary School, and we collected 14,000 lbs. of food for two dozen pantries. The Wag Band, members of Musicians on a Mission, played lively music to fire up the walkers!


CROP Walk #38 continued our tradition of raising over $100,000 to help end hunger. Together we raised $104,000 and brought in 15,300 pounds of food which were distributed to two dozen area food pantries. We are the 6th largest CROP Walk in the US and proud to be a wonderful community event where people from all generations, faiths, schools, and community groups come together to help give a hand up to those in need.


CROP WALK #39 stepped up to the start line on Oct. 20th and yes, it rained and the rain intensified throughout the two-hour walk. Over 39 years and it only rained once! The rain didn't keep participants away from walking to raise funds to end hunger. Walk totals were over $103,000. 


CROP WALK #40 during a year of experiencing a 100-year pandemic; Red Bank CROP Hunger Walk broke records and surpassed our goal of raising $110,000. Participants embraced online fundraising and we raised $138,000. Faith groups, schools, and individuals set up smaller food collections and all food was donated to our local partner programs and area food pantries.


CROP WALK #41 was a challenge – what to do- uncertainty reigned- pandemic kept folks isolated, and Red Bank Crop Walk went hybrid.   We formed 73 online teams and came to RBR for a big food drive and art contest, and A Victory Lap around the school grounds, with Dave Hermanson, our sign spirit, honored for all his years of design work and ideas for Crop.  He cut the ribbon!   And Wag’s Brian Ostering celebrated his birthday so we sang to him!  We raised $132,000 with 12,000 pounds of food collected and distributed.   Thank you all!  


CROP WALK #42 took us back to the streets of Fair Haven, Red Bank & Little Silver! We walked 5 miles together raising $134,000 and collecting 17,000 lbs of food for our local pantries. We had The Wag performing, CBA students working hard at the food collection tent, and lots of fun!